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Canon IIB. 19491952. When the SeikiKogaku firm was founded in 1930 they sold their 35mm cameras under the name Kwanon. In 1947 the firm name was changed to Canon. Contax RTS is an SLR 35mm film camera, manufactured by Yashica and introduced in 1975. In the early 1970s, production of Zeiss Ikon cameras had ceased but the desire. Reprinted Repair Literature8. P. O. BOX. 1. 63. TORRINGTON, CT 0. Zeiss Contax Serial Numbers' title='Zeiss Contax Serial Numbers' />FAX 8. TOLL FREE ORDERING US Only 1 8. PLEASE NOTE NEITHER THE TOLL FREE NOR THE FAX WORK. CRAIGCAMERA. COM IS NOW RE OPENED. Our. founder John S. Craig died on Friday February 2. I appreciate your loyalty and all your kind words about my husband John. Zeiss Contax Serial Numbers' title='Zeiss Contax Serial Numbers' />I will accept your orders by e mail or snail mail at the following addresses Hon. Joyce. Krutick Craig Ret. PO 1. 63. 7. Torrington, CT. If you wish to pay with a credit card I will send you a Pay. Pal invoice. You click on the link supplied and you can enter your credit card information. I will also accept check or money order, or Pay. Pal. The telephone is now working. Please give me the items you wish to purchase and your. I can determine the shipping costs. Zeiss Contax Serial Numbers' title='Zeiss Contax Serial Numbers' />I ask that you be patient with me as John refused to. PLEASE NOTE I HAVE LOCATED MOST OF ITEMS NUMBERED 9. THROUGH 9. 02. 45. HOWEVER, PLEASE INCLUDE NOT ONLY THE ITEM NUMBER BUT THE DESCRIPTION OF THE ITEM AS THEY ARE IN FILE DRAWERS THAT ARE FILED ALPHABETICALLY AND THE INVENTORY NUMBER IS NOT ANYWHERE ON OR IN THE FILE DRAWERS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AS I LEARN WHERE EVERYTHING IS LOCATEDHOME PAGE E MAILINFORMATION BOOTH Terms of SaleOrderingPeace of Mind Meet the Boss Detailed Site Index NOW LOOK INSTRUCTION MANUALS PHOTOGRAPHIC LITERATURE Branded Literature A to Z Hove Magic Lantern Guides Reprinted Repair Manuals. New and Reprinted Reference Books Reprinted Photo Catalogs The Daguerreian Era British Journal of Photography 1. PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes Cases. Century Images Signed Political CDVs, c. Quality Cartes de Visite Edward S. Curtis Gravures on Tissue Photographical Images. Pasadena Rose Parade Photographs, 1. Images by Edward Steichen RECOMMENDED BROWSING Cameras, Lenses, Projection. Camera Accessories. Bargain Page. Photographers Baby Posing Chair, c. Projection Lamps Projection Lamp Cross Reference OWN A PROJECTOR BUT DONT KNOW WHAT LAMP IT TAKESTHIS LIST MIGHT HELP. Garageband Instrument Pack. General Ephemera. Photo Related Playing Cards. Kodak Collector Pins Things. Nikon Collector Pins Things. Other Photo Pins Things. AND HERES THE 3 D STUFF3 D Equipment. Here at Pro Photo Supply we offer a full listing of used inventory including cameras, lenses, tripods, lighting, and accessories on hand. Shop today. Summary Of Zeiss Trademarks below is a collection of logos from articles and literature in the collection of Company Seven. These are the major logos and trade names. PM1010 FEDZorki 00302 from Alexey Nikitin Russia coll. PM1015. Further evolution of the particular camera with black vulcanite, instead of Contax leather already. The FED is a Soviet rangefinder camera, massproduced from 1934 until around 1996, and also the name of the factory that made it. The factory emerged from the small. Web Site devoted to collecting and using Antique and Classic Cameras. The site contains images, links and information on antique and classic cameras. Collector of. D Literature. Stereo Views. New 3 D Specialties. Tru Vue. View Master. Nishika 3 D Camera Special Special FREE RESEARCHREFERENCEKodak Bellows By Part Number. Dating Your Rolleicord. Dating Your f3. 5 Rolleiflex. Dating Your f2. 8 Rolleiflex. Dating Later Graflex Cameras. Dating Some Zeiss Lenses. Identifying Bronica Models. Who Made Your Tower Camera. Folksy Deardorf History. Uncle Sam Prices Your Used Camera, 1. Basic Computer LessonHumorFunny is EverywherePhotosDealers BewareAn internet scam with a delayed reaction. Reprinted Camera Repair Books These references are complete reprints from originals designed to guide professional photo technicians. All are GBC spiral bound for easy use. They are the best publications available, but we cannot assume responsibility for your success or failure using them, nor for the sometimes required special tools. All manuals are 8 12x. Prices quoted do not include shipping charges. As a guide, most individual books up to 1. ZIP coded addresses, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska. Larger books and multiple orders will generally be shipped ground UPS. Shipping charges on overseas orders will be verified before shipment. On credit card orders, trust me to ship the least expensive, yet expeditious, method. I also offer hundreds of original repair manuals in dozens of brands of photographic equipment. You can start your browsing for those manuals Here. If you arrived here directly from a search engine, please go to my Home Page. Search engine cached pages are probably not current. Prices do not include shipping9. Craig. Camera Reprint CAMERA REPAIRMANS HANDBOOKPHOTO TECHNOLOGY DATA BOOK, 1. Originally published as a 3. National Camera, we have redesigned this reprint to be easier to use. How Do I Download Contacts From Iphone To Gmail. A complete reference, with information on cleaners, adhesives, etc. And a host of helpful bits of information for repairmen and tinkerers. Long out of print. Craig. Camera Reprint AGFA COLORFLEX 3. I, AMBIFLEX 3. 10. II CAMERAS  8. 4 pages, fully illustrated. Faithful reprint of the original factory services manuals on these two cameras. They share several parts in common, hence the combination. The Colorflex was also known as the Agfaflex I in the U. S. the Ambiflex was also marketed as the Agfaflex IV. Exploded views, full service and repair information in English, German and French. Also available on CD requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader, 9. Craig. Camera Reprint AIREQUIPT SLIDE PROJECTORS, c. Includes schematics, exploded views, parts listing complete service and adjustment information. Covers Airequipt models in the 1. Faithful reprint of the Airequipt original. Craig. Camera Reprint AMPRO PREMIER 1. STYLIST 1. 6MM PROJECTORS  2. Revised to include faithful reprints of the original c. Ampro service manual on the Stylist series of projectors, as well as the revised 1. Gralex after they took over the line and the original c. Ampro manual on the Premier series. Full schematics, exploded views, close up views of inner workings of projector. Full service information. EX, fine reference. Also available in CD version, 9. Craig. Camera Reprint GAF L 1. SINGLE LENS REFLEX CAMERA, 1. Reprint of the original service manual from GAF on this camera. Includes exploded views, schematics, full service information. EX.  1. 5. 0. 09. Craig. Camera Reprint GAF L CM, L CS, L ES SEARS 2. ES SLR CAMERAS  Approx. Reprint of the original service manual from GAF on these camera models. Includes exploded views, schematics, full service information. Few extra notes from repairman GAF supplements, and additional pages on the L ES2. EX.  2. 5. 0. 09. Craig. Camera Reprint GAF Ansco 8mm MOVIE PROJECTORS, 1. Approximately 1. 80pp, 8 12x. Spiral bound Faithful reprint of the factory original. Detailed service, repair and adjustment. No exploded views or parts list. Covers nearly 6. 0 projectors under the Ansco, GAF, Sears, Viceroy, Wards and Emdeko brands. AnscoGAF 8. 0, 8. Craig. Camera Reprint GAFSAWYERS ROTOMATIC 2x. SLIDE PROJECTORS, 1. Reprint of the original service manual from GAF on these projectors. Includes Sawyers models 6. A, 7. 00. A, 7. 07. Q, 7. 07. AQ Wards 6. Q, 7. 77. AQ and Eaton Optima Superb. Exploded views, parts listing service and repair information. Also available in CD version, requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader 9. Craig. Camera Reprint BAUSCH LOMB BALOMATIC PROJECTORS 3. Oil Paint Filter For Photoshop Cs6'>Oil Paint Filter For Photoshop Cs6. Includes schematics, exploded views, parts listing complete service and adjustment information. Faithful reprint of the Bausch Lomb original. Can probably also be used for basic adjustments on the 7. Craig. Camera Reprint BEAULIEU 1. XL SUPER 8mm CAMERA, 1. Faithful reprint from what was issued as a factory original, although several pages were photocopies to begin with. We could not eliminate a lot of the background on some of these, but they are still eminently readable. Includes extensive electrical schematics, as well as detailed dis assembly, re assembly, exploded views, parts listing adjustment and repair. Craig. Camera Reprint BEAULIEU 5. S SUPER 8mm MOVIE CAMERA, c.