Netbus 2.0 Server And Client

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Cisco Model DPC3. B DOCSIS 3. 0 2. 4x. Wireless Business Gateway Data Sheet. If youre looking for a cost effective, high performance networking gateway for a small office, youve just found it. The Cisco Model DPC3. B DOCSIS 3. 0 2. 4x. Wireless Business Gateway is multiple solutions in one product. It combines a cable modem, a router, and 8. YapZs8/TSH77O8pEII/AAAAAAAAAOk/O7xQKSlrYl8/s640/RAT4.PNG' alt='Netbus 2.0 Server And Client' title='Netbus 2.0 Server And Client' />Netbus 2.0 Server And ClientThe gateway delivers a faster connection to the Internet by incorporating 2. The bonded channels can deliver downstream data rates that exceed 9. Mbps and upstream data rates that exceed 1. Mbps. Downstream rates are up to 2. DOCSIS 2. 0 cable modem rates. TemplateRefimprove This is a list of Internet socket port numbers used by protocols of the transport layer of the Internet Protocol Suite for the establishment of. Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP You can download and install SubInACL. Windows 2000. A tabela abaixo indica o status da porta com as seguintes cores e legendas. Oficial se a aplicao e a combinao da porta est no IANA list of port assignments. The Cisco Model DPC3. B Business Gateway Figure 1 is designed to meet DOCSIS 3. DOCSIS 2. 0, 1. 1, and 1. Boy First Book Of Radio Electronics Morgan Pdf more. Figure 1.       Cisco Model DPC3. B DOCSIS 3. 0 2. 4x. Wireless Business Gateway. Image Below May Vary from Actual Product. The integrated router features a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHCP server, Network Address Translation NAT, Network Address Port Translation NAPT, and a stateful packet inspection SPI firewall. These features allow the user to share a single high speed public Internet connection and to share files and folders between devices in the home network by attaching multiple wired and wireless devices in the active home or office to the wireless Business gateway. Consumer friendly features like Wireless Protected Setup WPS and user configured parental controls can protect the home network from unwelcome intruders and protect family members from access to undesirable websites. Features. DOCSIS   Compliant with DOCSIS 3. Connections   Four 1. BASE T Ethernet ports to provide wired connectivity   High performance broadband Internet connectivity   Optional Two USB 2. Type 2 connections   Dual band concurrent 8. Wireless Access Point WAP with eight Service Set Identifiers SSIDs compatible with 8. WPS, including a push button switch to activate WPS for simplified and highly secure wireless setup. Design and Function   Attractive, compact design and versatile orientation to stand vertically   LED status indicators on the front panel, providing an informative and easy to understand display that indicates the operational status   TR 0. Management   User configurable parental controls that block access to undesirable Internet sites   Advanced firewall technology that deters hackers and protects the home network from unauthorized access   Automatic software upgrades by your service provider allowed. Software and Documentation   User guide and optional USB driver installation software that can be downloaded from Cisco. Table 1.        Front Panel Features. Feature. Description. Indicators and controls. Power, DSUS, Online, Wi. Fi. 1, Wi. Fi. 2, Tel. Tel. 2, and Battery. Color. Black, black lens, and silver text. Branding. Xfinity and Comcast model name. Figure 2.       Cisco Model DPC3. B Business Gateway Top Panel. Image Below May Vary from Actual Product. Table 2.        Top Panel Features. Feature. Description. Indicators and controls. WPS and page. Color. Black, black lens, and silver text. Figure 3.       Cisco Model DPC3. B Business Gateway Back Panel. Image Below May Vary from Actual Product. Table 3.        Back Panel Features. Feature. Description. RESETPerforms a soft configuration reset of the Cisco Model DPC3. B. USB Connector color blue. Optional 2 Each Type 2 USB 2. USB port on a printer or another USB device. ETHERNET 1 4 Connector color yellow. Four RJ 4. 5 Ethernet ports connect to the Ethernet port on your PC or your home network. POWER Connector color black. Connection for AC power input 1. VAC. ANTENNA internal6 internal Antennas. GHz. and 8. 02. 1. Figure 4.       Cisco Model DPC3. B Business Gateway Bottom Panel. Image Below May Vary from Actual Product. Table 4.        Bottom Panel Features. Feature. Description. Manufacturer label. Color white with black text. Label with key manufacturing information, such as the part number, serial number, CM MAC address, MTA MAC address, and WAN MAC address. Battery. Color black. Battery compartment for a 1. V lithium ion, 2. Ah rechargeable battery. Note 3. 00. 0m. Ah battery available as well. Battery does not ship with gateway but can be ordered separatelyProduct Specifications. Gateway configuration management  TR 0. TR 0. 98 data model optional. Extensive custom SNMP MIB for the gateway. Provisioning with SNMP. HNAP server 1. 2. Independent Computer Security Association ICSA firewall compliant   Web filtering pop ups, cookies, Java, and Active. X scripts.   Intrusion detection and prevention WAN ping blocking, IP fragment blocking, port scan detection, TCP port probe, and UDP port probe. Do. S protection inbound, outbound, WAN interface, LAN interface, SYN flood, Ping of Death, Smurf, Bonk, Jolt, Land, Nestea, Newtear, Syndrop, Teardrop, Win. Nuke, and OOBNuke invalid TCP urgent pointer, x. Saihyousen, Oshare, ARP flood, TCP hijacking, Christmas Tree, SYNFIN jackal, Back. Office UDP 3. 23. Net. Bus, and ICMP flooding. IP address, port number, and MAC address filtering. TCP flags and ICMP types fragmentation. Connection creation and teardown. Timestamps and payload modification. Parental controls  Per user policies. Keyword blocking. Domain name blocking. Time of day filters. MAC address filtering. Advanced event logging  Filtering activity. Session tracking. User notification through email alert and SNMP traps. Routing features  NAPT, NAT, and pass through Layer 2 operational modes. RFC3. 48. 9 STUN port restricted cone NAT behavior. RIP v. 1v. 2 with MD5. Static routes.   Port forwarding. Port triggering.   UPn. P IGD 1. 0.   IPSec pass through. L2. TP pass through. PPTP pass through. ALG support m. IRC, PIRCH, MS Net. Meeting, Net. 2phone, AOL and MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Go. Call, Hotline Server, Visual IRC, Cu. Seeme, AT T Instant, Messenger Anywhere, Active Worlds, Buddy Phone Calista IP Phone, Delta Three PC to Phone, Dial Pad, Dwyco Video Conferencing, Orbit. RC, Xircon, Netscape Chat, FTP, H. ICQ. Wireless Access Point. GHz dual band, concurrent wireless access point. Wi Fi compliant security WPA2 Enterprise, WPA2 PSK, WPA Enterprise, WPA PSK, and WEP. Wireless multimedia quality of service WMM Qo. S.   WMM power save. Wireless bridging Wireless Distribution System WDS that allows connection to range extender products. RADIUS authentication client, EAP TLS, EAP TTLS, EAP PEAP, and EAP MD5. MBSSID 8 SSIDs with unique NAT scopes per radio. Wi Fi hot spot support static DHCP IP scope over tunnel. Mo. CAVersions. Mo. CA 1. 1 and 2. 0. Applications Support. Applications. NARF Downstream. Operating frequency range. MHz. Tuner frequency range. Manual Therapy Schools Of Thought. MHz. Tuner1 frequency agile block tuner, full band capture. Demodulation. 8 demodulators, each demodulator 6. QAM or 2. 56 QAMMaximum data rate  8 downstream channels, each 6 MHz channel UP to 2. Mbps for 2. 56 QAM and 3. Mbps for 6. 4 QAMBandwidth. MHz. Operating level range 1. Bm. VInput impedance. RF Upstream. Operating frequency range. MHz optional 5 to 6. MHz, or 5 to 8. 5 MHzUpstream transmission. Modulation. QPSK, 8 QAM, 1. QAM, 3. 2 QAM, 6. QAM or ATDMA, and 1. QAM or SCDMAMaximum data rate per channel. Modulation. Channel. Bandwidth MHzRaw. Data Rate MbpsQPSK1. QAMQPSK1. 6 QAM3. QAM6. 4 QAM1. 6 QAM3. QAM6. 4 QAM1. 6. 1. Bandwidth. 20. 0 k. Hz to 6. 4 MHz. Maximum operating level. TDMASCDMAModulation. One Channel. 2 Channels. Channels. QPSK8 QAM1. QAM3. 2 QAM6. 4 QAMQPSK8 QAM1. QAM3. 2 QAM6. 4 QAM1. QAM6. 1 d. Bm. V5.