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Hilti Cordless Rotary Hammers TE 4A22 22V cordless rotary hammer featuring low weight for superior handling in serial applications. Find an appropriate Firestop System by searching with the system number or by inputting the application characteristics into the filters. Select a system that matches. HILTI HIT RE 5. 00 SD Max Embedment Depth Structural engineering other technical topics. I am evaluating existing foundation of 8. My calculations show that steel capacity of anchor bolts and concrete breakout strength of anchors in tension are NOT adequate to resist applied tension loads per the current codes. To make it work I am proposing FIELD DRILLING 1. Mac Serial Check. DEEP HOLES AND SETTING 1 14 ALL THREADED RODS HAS ASTM A1. GR. B7 WITH HILTI HIT RE 5. Hilti Profis Installation Download' title='Hilti Profis Installation Download' />Hilti Profis Installation DownloadLEED information for BC Beam Clamps and BCWM Wide Mouth Beam Clamps. I am evaluating existing foundation of 80ft tall vertical vessel. My calculations show that steel capacity of anchor bolts and concrete breakout strength of anc. Download the free trial version below to get started. Doubleclick the downloaded file to install the software. ETA 040027 til HITRE 500 klbemrtel til forankringsopgaver ETAG 00105, Option 7. Hilti. Outperform. Outlast. Anchor design at a click. At Hilti, we work hard to help build a better world. Hilti PROFIS Anchor represents the next generation in. Filtering by product type Filtering by document type Searching by keywords To search for UL Firestop Systems, please click on the Firestop systems details tab above. ETA 070260 HITRE 500SD injection mortar for anchoring applications ETAG 00105, Option 1. Hilti services the professional construction industry. We offer software for design, products and tools for work onsite, training, testing and consultancy. SD ADHESIVE. To increase anchors effective embedment depth hef I am adding on top of existing fdn mat new concrete 1. However after running Hilti PROFIS Anchor program with hef2. Design Report from PROFIS. Question In order to increase anchors capacity can I use actual embedment of 3. PROFIS by ratio 3. Also I would like to use bigger diameter rod. Is this allowed since Hilti has data only up to 1 14 BTW I have called HILTIs tech support with no luck.