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Rheostatics find honest and true kindred spirits with Beaus Oktoberfest. Iconic Canadian art rockers Rheostatics found some kindred spirits in Vankleek Hill, where the band is set to play its first Ottawa area show in 1. Beaus Oktoberfest this weekend. Its nothing personal, co frontman Dave Bidini says of the absence, after Rheostatics bid their fans farewell at their final curtain call at Massey Hall in March 2. But a gradual reunion that began in 2. Hide Tribute Spirits' title='Hide Tribute Spirits' />Bidini, Martin Tielli, Tim Vesely and Dave Clark joined by Kevin Hearn on keys and Hugh Marsh on violin now has the band back out on the road, with a special tour stop scheduled at Beaus, as the brewery unveils a limited batch concoction in tribute to the band called Parliament of Trees. Bidini spoke to Postmedia about the bands breakup, reunion, some new material in the works, and this weekends big Beerbash Q Rheostatics reunited in 2. Music Inspired by the Group of Seven. What got the band back together A We just wanted to play that record again and play that show again. We had only ever performed it four times live including the 1. National Gallery of Canada, which commissioned the production. It was coming up on the 2. I started talking with the Art Gallery of Ontario, who were mounting a Group of Seven exhibition. Getting the guys together to play a largely instrumental work was a lot easier than getting them to pour out our hearts and souls into deeply personal autobiographical songs from our repertoire. So we got to hide behind the spectacle of the production a bit, and then realized afterward we still fit really well together as far as the music and personalities, so we thought playing beyond that might be the next step. Not just there for the races, then Revellers get into very high spirits as thousands dress up and some fall down at a sundrenched Cox Plate in Melbourne. What are some of the funniest, weirdest, or most involved secrets that were ever hidden in games Weve got 100 of. Bill Bailey Page For nearly 20 years, Bill Bailey ruled the morning airwaves at WAKY and other Louisville stations before ending his broadcast. That was quick. Just yesterday we heard that the first teaser trailer for Insidious Chapter 4 was coming soon. Now, it is here in the early morning hours to. OE3D2KuJdsE.jpg' alt='Hide Tribute Spirits' title='Hide Tribute Spirits' />Hide Tribute Spirits Mp3Hide Tribute Spirits VHide Tribute Spirits ZipSo we played Massey Hall again, then did a few runs at the Horseshoe Tavern, and we went out to Winnipeg were really taking it slow. But were all together on the road, seeing how it goes and trying to navigate our way through a last act, I guess, really. And that will hopefully include some recording in December and then a new record some time in 2. Q Will we be hearing some new material at the show A Its a curse and a blessing in terms of material, we have so much of it. And now with Dave Clark writing songs for the last 2. Kevin Hearn, we have effectively five songwriters in the band. So we have so much new material, which is kinda great, but to get it down to 1. Its great to be able to come out and play music that was made and written now as opposed to being a nostalgia act, who just plays their 1. That said, well probably do some of that in Vankleek Hill, just because thats fun too. Q Was the initial breakup amicable, or was there tension in the band at that time A Theres always tension in a band. There has to be in order for the sparks to be created, or for those sparks to result in exciting things. But there was never any animosity, it was really largely fatigue. The Matrix 1999 Trivia on IMDb Cameos, Mistakes, Spoilers and more. Hide Tribute Spirits 2013 DownloadHide Tribute Spirits IvWe navigated our musical lives on our own terms, and maybe to a fault at times. But we wouldnt have done it any other way. We only took the dates we wanted to play, we only played the places we wanted to play in, we only made the records we wanted to make. Had we existed in different times, we may have figured out ways to maintain the health of the band, and certainly the financial health of the band. But we didnt do corporate gigs, and we didnt do music for television, we were kind of stubbornly artistic. And thats harder to grind it out. And we got tired of that. It just burned us out. We probably should have just taken a break, but we did that Massey Hall show in 2. Now I dont know how its going to end. I hope it ends well. Q How did you get into the beer business with Beaus and Parliament of Trees A Well, were not really in the beer business. Beaus are great people, we love their beer, and we were just flattered when they asked us if we could lend our efforts. Theyre a great independent rock band in their own right. Taking that leap of faith to do something others havent done and being creative and magical about it. Taking something longstanding from that really solid home shop and letting it spread slowly, sort of inexorably across the land because its good not because theres a massive marketing campaign. Its because what they do is really honest and true. Were proof in a weird way that you can do it you can do what you do just by being yourself. So, kindred spirits for sure. Beaus Oktoberfest. What Beer, food, music, midway, games, a 5. When Friday, Sept. Saturday, Sept. 2. Where Vankleek Fairgrounds, 9. Main St. W., Vankleek Hill. Tickets Daily and weekend passes available. More information beausoktoberfest. Twitter. comhelmera. Lan Xang Wikipedia. The Lao Kingdom of Lan Xang Hom Khao Lao lan sa hom khaw Million Elephants and White Parasolsa existed as a unified kingdom from 1. For three and a half centuries, Lan Xang was one of the largest kingdoms in Southeast Asia. The meaning of the kingdoms name alludes to the power of the kingship and formidable war machine of the early kingdom. The kingdom is the precursor for the country of Laos and the basis for the national historic and cultural identity. Historical overvieweditOriginseditThe geography Lan Xang would occupy had been originally settled by indigenous Austroasiatic speaking tribes which gave rise to the Bronze Age cultures in Ban Chiang today part of Isan, Thailand and the ng Sn culture as well as Iron Age peoples near Xiangkhoang Plateau on the Plain of Jars, Funan, and Chenla near Vat Phou in Champasak Province. The Han dynastys chronicles of the southward expansion of the Han dynasty provide the first written accounts of TaiKadai speaking peoples or Ai Lao who inhabited the areas of modern Yunnan and Guangxi, China. The Tai peoples migrated south in a series of waves beginning in the 7th century and accelerated following the Mongol conquest of Yunnan 1. Lan Xang. The fertile northern Mekong valleys were occupied by the Dvaravati culture of the Mon people and subsequently by the Khmer, where the principal city state in the north was known then as Muang Sua and alternately as Xieng Dong Xieng Thong The City of Flame Trees beside the River Dong, modern city of Luang Prabang. With the rise of the Sukhothai Kingdom the principal city states of Muang Sua Luang Prabang and south to the twin cities of Vieng Chan Vieng Kham Vientiane, came increasingly under Tai influence. Following the death of the Sukhothai king Ram Khamhaeng, and internal disputes within the kingdom of Lan Na, both Vieng Chan Vieng Kham Vientiane and Muang Sua Luang Prabang were independent Lao Tai mandalas until the founding of Lan Xang in 1. The Legends of Khun BoromeditThe cultural memory of the early migrations and the mixing of Tai influence with the indigenous, Mon, and Khmer peoples were preserved in the origin myths and traditions of Lan Xang. The cultural, linguistic, and political roots which highlight the commonality of these early legends can help to understand Lan Xang and its relations with neighboring kingdoms. The Nithan Khun Borum Story of Khun Borom was central to these origin stories and formed the introduction to the Phongsavadan or court chronicles which were read aloud during auspicious occasions and festivals. Throughout the history of Lan Xang the legitimacy of the monarchy was tied to the single dynasty of Khun Lo, the legendary king of Muang Sua and son of Khun Borom. The Conquests of King Fa NgumeditThe traditional court histories of Lan Xang begin in the Year of the Nga 1. Mekong and a protector spirit of the kingdom with the birth of Fa Ngum. Fa Ngums Grandfather Souvanna Khampong was king of Muang Sua and his father Chao Fa Ngiao was the crown prince. As a youth Fa Ngum was sent to the Khmer Empire to live as a son of King Jayavarman IX, where he was given princess Keo Kang Ya. In 1. 34. 3 King Souvanna Khampong died, and a succession dispute for Muang Sua took place. Download Movies From Netflix. In 1. 34. 9 Fa Ngum was granted an army known as the Ten Thousand to take the crown. At the time the Khmer Empire was in decline possibly from an outbreak of the Black Death and the combined influx of Tai peoples, both Lanna and Sukhothai had been established in what had been Khmer territory, and the Siamese were growing in the area of the Chao Phraya River which would become the Ayutthaya Kingdom. The opportunity for the Khmer was to create a friendly buffer state in an area they could no longer effectively control with only a moderately sized military force. Fa Ngums campaign started in southern Laos, taking the towns and cities in the region around Champasak and moving northward through Thakek and Kham Muang along the middle Mekong. From his position on the middle Mekong, Fa Ngum sought assistance and supply from Vientiane in attacking Muang Sua, which they refused. However, Prince Nho of Muang Phuan Muang Phoueune offered assistance and vassalage to Fa Ngum for assistance in a succession dispute of his own and help in securing Muang Phuan from the i Vit. Fa Ngum agreed and quickly moved his army to take Muang Phuan and then on to take Xam Neua and several smaller cities of the i Vit. The i Vit, concerned with their rival Champa to the south sought a clearly defined border with the growing power of Fa Ngum. The result was to use the Annamite Range as both a cultural and territorial barrier between the two kingdoms. Continuing his conquests Fa Ngum turned toward the Sip Song Chau Taialong the Red and Black River valleys, which were heavily populated with Lao. Having secured a sizable force of Lao from each territory under his domain Fa Ngum moved down the Nam Ou to take Muang Sua. Despite three attacks the King of Muang Sua, who was Fa Ngums uncle, was unable to deter the size of Fa Ngums army and committed suicide rather than be taken alive. In 1. 35. 3 4 Fa Ngum was crowned,2. Kingdom Lan Xang Hom Khao The Land of a Million Elephants and the White Parasol, Fa Ngum continued his conquests to secure the areas around the Mekong by moving to take Sipsong Panna modern Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture and began moving south to the borders of Lanna along the Mekong. King Phayu of Lanna raised an army which Fa Ngum overwhelmed at Chiang Saen, forcing Lanna to cede some its territory and provide valuable gifts in exchange for mutual recognition. Having secured his immediate borders Fa Ngum returned to Muang Sua. In 1. 35. 1 Uthong, who was married to a daughter of the Khmer King Suphanburi, founded the city of Ayutthaya. However, the remains of the Khmer Empire were in direct conflict with the growing power of Ayutthaya and the two became rivals rather than allies. Throughout the 1. Ayutthaya expanded over western Khmer territories and the Khorat Plateau. In 1. 35. 2 Angkor was attacked by Ayutthaya in a failed attempt to take the capital. Vientiane remained independent and powerful, and the growing power of Ayutthaya threatened regional stability. In 1. 35. 6 Fa Ngum marched south to take Vientiane for failing to support his earlier advance on Muang Sua. In 1. 35. 7 he took Vientiane and the surrounding plains, and marched south to assert Lao control over the areas seized by Ayutthaya. Fa Ngum moved across the Khorat Plateau taking the major cities along the Mun and Chi Rivers and moving as far south as Roi Et. In Roi Et Fa Ngum directly challenged Ayutthaya, which acknowledged Lan Xangs control over the Khorat Plateau. Uthong sent 1. 00 elephants, gold, silver, over 1,0. Nang Keo Lot Fa to be a second wife to Fa Ngum. By 1. 35. 7 Fa Ngum had established the mandala for the Kingdom of Lan Xang which extended from the borders of the Sipsong Panna with China south to Sambor below the Mekong rapids at Khong Island, and from the i Vitnamese border along the Annamite Range to the western escarpment of the Khorat Plateau. It was thus one of the largest kingdoms in Southeast Asia. King Samsenthai and Queen Maha Deviedit. Statue of Fa Ngum, founder of the Lan Xang kingdom. Fa Ngum again led Lan Xang to war in the 1.