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Your top 5 paint questions answered. If you love transforming your home with paint, but need some help with the technical side of things, were here to assist. Join Logical File In As400 Example. Your top 5 paint questions answered. REPAINTINGQ My wife and I have just bought a house and the previous owner painted the inside with enamel. Do I need to scrape it all down or can I just apply a universal undercoat over it before repainting A Youre on the right track. First, ensure that the walls are clean, sound and dry, before sanding them lightly to create a key, then dusting them off. Frequently asked questions about Wood Preparation, Furniture Stripping Stains Lacquers Finishing and Refinishing. Apply one coat of Plascon Universal Undercoat, allow at least 1. PLASTERING AND PAINTINGQ I have just erected new boundary walls that have been plastered. Now they need painting. What is the correct step by step preparation that should to be followed Ill gladly paint two or three coats if necessary. A Its very easy, actually. First, ensure that your surface is dry, sound and clean. The new plaster needs to cure for a minimum of 2. Prime the walls with one coat of Plascon Plaster Primer and allow it to dry for 1. Follow this by applying two coats of Plascon Wall All or Plascon Micatex, allowing it to dry for two hours between coats. This will definitely provide you with a superior, long lasting finish. PAINTING WINDOW FRAMESQ I recently had the putty replaced in my cottages unpainted galvanized steel window frames and now need to paint them. What products do you suggest A Most importantly, make sure that there are no traces of the putty left on the frames. Clean the surface of the frames with Plascons Metalcare Galvanised Iron Cleaner, rinse with tap water and allow them to dry completely. Apply one coat of Metalcare Galvanised Iron Primer and allow to dry for 2. Slider1.jpg' alt='Hairline Crack In Gel Coat' title='Hairline Crack In Gel Coat' />2 Weeks I and my hair are more used to the process now not using shampoo and using lots of conditioner and lots gel. I can see that my hair looks a little bit. REMOVING PAINT FROM DOOR HANDLESQ We repainted our living room, but foolishly got paint on one of the door handles, which has now dried. What would be the best way to remove it A If the paint is relatively fresh, rub it off using mutton cloth soaked in lacquer thinners. If its been quite a while since you painted, use Plascon Removall All Purpose Paint Remover RRA 2. Apply a thick coat over the paint and allow two hours to react, then scrape it off and wash with water. TILE OR PAINT FIRSTQ Weve finally saved up enough money to give our kitchen a much needed makeover. Now were wondering what to do first tile or paint A Our advice would be to tile first and allow the tile cement and grout to cure completely before covering the tiles with dropsheets and masking tape and painting the walls. It would be much easier to cover a floor when painting than to cover walls while doing the tile work. Have your home repairs gotten the better of you Email advicekansaiplascon. PHOTOGRAPH MICKY HOYLE. MODEL CARLA ERASMUS.