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Financial Times Wikipedia. The Financial Times FT is an English language international daily newspaper with a special emphasis on business and economic news. The paper was founded in 1. James Sheridan and Horatio Bottomley, and merged in 1. Financial News which had been founded in 1. The Financial Times has an average daily readership of 2. COzyuQ7U8AACS1m.jpg' alt='Financial Times Edition' title='Financial Times Edition' />Latest stock market data, with live share and stock prices, FTSE 100 index and equities, currencies, bonds and commodities performance. Latest News. The Financial Times Historical Archive has been shortlisted for the Outstanding Achievement of the Year Award at the DPA Digital Publishing Awards 2010. Pw. C audited figures, November 2. FT. com has 4. 5 million registered users and over 2. FT Chinese has more than 1. The world editions of the Financial Times newspaper had a combined average daily circulation of 2. UK edition in January 2. FT_front_page_July072014.jpg' alt='Financial Times Edition' title='Financial Times Edition' />In February 2. Financial Times was 2. In October 2. 01. Financial Times reached nearly 6. In December 2. 01. On 2. 3 July 2. 01. Nikkei Inc. agreed to buy the Financial Times from Pearson for 8. On 3. 0 November 2. Nikkei completed the acquisition. Historyedit. The front page of the Financial Times on 1. February 1. 88. 8. The FT was launched as the London Financial Guide on 1. January 1. 88. 8, renaming itself the Financial Times on 1. February the same year. Describing itself as the friend of The Honest Financier, the Bona Fide Investor, the Respectable Broker, the Genuine Director, and the Legitimate Speculator, it was a four page journal. The readership was the financial community of the City of London, its only rival being the slightly older and more daring Financial News. On 2 January 1. 89. The Financial Times FT is an Englishlanguage international daily newspaper with a special emphasis on business and economic news. The paper was founded in 1888 by. News about financial regulatory reform. Commentary and archival information about financial regulatory reform from The New York Times. Business school rankings, including MBA, MSC, and European MBA rankings from the Financial Times. FT began printing on light salmon pink paper to distinguish it from the similarly named Financial News at the time it was also cheaper to print on unbleached paper several other more general newspapers such as The Sporting Times had the same policy, but nowadays it is more expensive as the paper has to be dyed specially. After 5. Financial Times and the Financial News were merged in 1. Brendan Bracken to form a single six page newspaper. The Financial Times brought a higher circulation while the Financial News provided much of the editorial talent. The Lex column was also introduced from Financial News. Pearson bought the paper in 1. Over the years the paper grew in size, readership and breadth of coverage. It established correspondents in cities around the world, reflecting early moves in the world economy towards globalisation. As cross border trade and capital flows increased during the 1. FT began international expansion, facilitated by developments in technology and the growing acceptance of English as the international language of business. On 1 January 1. 97. FT Continental Europe edition was printed outside the UK, in Frankfurt. Since then, with increased international coverage, the FT has become a global newspaper, printed in 2. UK, continental Europe, the U. S., Asia and the Middle East. The European edition is distributed in continental Europe and Africa. J1Hm5gx3Dg.jpg' alt='Financial Times Edition' title='Financial Times Edition' />Currency rates, currency converter, news and analysis. Analyse currency strength worldwide with the macromap tool and check currencies cross rates. International Business Times is the leading provider of business news and financial news from the US and around the world. D65/production/_95590932_ftfront2.jpg' alt='Financial Times Edition' title='Financial Times Edition' />It is printed Monday to Saturday at five centres across Europe reporting on matters concerning the European Union, the Euro and European corporate affairs. In 1. 99. 4 FT launched a luxury lifestyle magazine, How To Spend It. In 2. 00. 9 it launched a standalone website for the magazine. On 1. 3 May 1. 99. Financial Times group made its first foray into the online world with the launch of FT. This provided a summary of news from around the globe, which was supplemented in February 1. The site was funded by advertising and contributed to the online advertising market in the UK in the late 1. Between 1. 99. 7 and 2. FT Group and Pearson reacted to changes online. FT introduced subscription services in 2. FT. com is one of the few UK news sites successfully funded by individual subscription. The London offices of the Financial Times at One Southwark Bridge 2. In 1. 99. 7 the FT launched a U. S. edition, printed in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta, Orlando and Washington, D. C., although the newspaper was first printed outside New York City in 1. In September 1. 99. FT became the first UK based newspaper to sell more copies internationally than within the UK. In 2. 00. 0 the Financial Times started publishing a German language edition, Financial Times Deutschland, with a news and editorial team based in Hamburg. Its initial circulation in 2. It was originally a joint venture with a German publishing firm, Gruner Jahr. In January 2. 00. FT sold its 5. 0 stake to its German partner. FT Deutschland never made a profit and is said to have accumulated losses of 2. It closed on 7 December 2. The Financial Times launched a new weekly supplement for the fund management industry on 4 February 2. FT fund management FTfm was and still is distributed with the paper every Monday. FTfm is the worlds largest circulation fund management title. Since 2. 00. 5 the FT has sponsored the annual Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award. On 2. 3 April 2. 00. FT unveiled a refreshed version of the newspaper and introduced a new slogan, We Live in Financial Times. Mercedes A170 Cdi Handbook. In 2. 00. 7 the FT pioneered a metered paywall, which lets visitors to its site read a limited number of free articles during any one month before asking them to pay. Four years later the FT launched its HTML5 mobile internet app. Smartphones and tablets now drive 1. FT. com. 2. 1 In 2. FT drew almost half of its revenue from subscriptions rather than advertising. Since 2. 01. 0 the FT has been available on Bloomberg Terminal. Since 2. 01. 3 the FT has been available on Wisers platform. AudienceeditAccording to the Global Capital Markets Survey, which measures readership habits amongst most senior financial decision makers in the worlds largest financial institutions, the Financial Times is considered the most important business read, reaching 3. The Wall Street Journal WSJ, its main rival. The Economist, which was once 5. FT, reaches 3. 2. FTs The Banker also proved vital reading, reaching 2. In addition FT was regarded as the most credible publication in reporting financial and economic issues among the Worldwide Professional Investment Community audience. The Economist was also rated the third most credible title by most influential professional investors those who personally managed asset funds worth 5 billion or more, while the WSJ was second. ContenteditThe FT is split into two sections. The first section covers domestic and international news, editorial commentary on politics and economics from FT journalists such as Martin Wolf, Gillian Tett and Edward Luce, and opinion pieces from globally renowned leaders, policymakers, academics and commentators. The second section consists of financial data and news about companies and markets. Despite being generally regarded as primarily a financial newspaper, it does also contain TV listings, weather and other more informal articles. About 1. 10 of its 4. UK. The Lex columneditThe Lex column is a daily feature on the back page of the first section. It features analyses and opinions covering global economics and finance. The FT calls Lex its agenda setting column. The column first appeared on Monday, 1 October 1. The name may originally have stood for Lex Mercatoria, a Latin expression meaning literally merchant law. It was conceived by Hargreaves Parkinson for the Financial News in the 1. Financial Times when the two merged. 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