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Chandramukhi Wikipedia. Chandramukhi English Moon faced beauty is a 2. Indian Tamil languagecomedy horror film written and directed by P. Vasu, and was produced and distributed by Ramkumar Ganesan of Sivaji Productions. The film features Rajinikanth, Prabhu, Jyothika and Nayantara leading an ensemble cast that includes Vadivelu, Nassar, Sheela, Vijayakumar, Vinaya Prasad, Sonu Sood, Vineeth, Malavika and K. R. Vijaya. It is a remake of Vasus Kannada film Apthamitra 2. Malayalam film Manichitrathazhu 1. The soundtrack album and background score were composed by Vidyasagar. Cinematography was handled by Sekhar V. Joseph and editing was done by Suresh Urs. Chandramukhis plot revolves around a woman who suffers from dissociative identity disorder that affects a family, and a psychiatrist who intends to solve the case while risking his life. KjFuv6tN90gnjZ_TlYuiuz7bLjgnmQ7U8m4evkIategazYegZZhwGRfSQAui2zsWjRy6-zD9XIC3npnGT2pKNA/HQ.jpg' alt='Devdas Video Songs Hd 1080P' title='Devdas Video Songs Hd 1080P' />Devdas Video Songs Hd 1080PThe film was made on a budget of 1. Faber Castell 2 82 Manual High School'>Faber Castell 2 82 Manual High School. Dpf Regeneration Software Obd2'>Dpf Regeneration Software Obd2. Principal photography began on 2. October 2. 00. 4 and was completed in March 2. It was released on 1. April 2. 00. 5 on the eve of the Tamil New Year. The film received positive reviews and was a major box office success. It was the longest running South Indian film, with a theatrical run of 8. Watch32 Watch Movies on Watch32. Watch32 is the Biggest Library of free Full Movies. Watch 32 Movies Online. Devdas Video Songs Hd 1080P' title='Devdas Video Songs Hd 1080P' />Telugu film Magadheera 2. The film won five Tamil Nadu State Film Awards, four Film Fans Association Awards and two Filmfare Awards. Jyothika and Vadivelu were each awarded a Kalaimamani Award for their work on the film. Tamil History Books Free Download. Chandramukhi was dubbed in Telugu and was simultaneously released with the same title as the Tamil version. It was also dubbed and released in Bhojpuri under the title Chandramukhi Ke Hunkaar. It became the first Tamil film to be dubbed into German. It was released in Germany under the title Der Geisterjger English The Ghost Hunters. Cb01. movie ex cineblog01 Gratis Nessuna registrazione richiesta. Commentate i film loggandovi con Facebook, Twitter, Google o Disqus. The film was also dubbed into Turkish. Chandramukhi was dubbed in Hindi and released on 2. February 2. 00. 8 by Dilip Dhanwani, owner of the production house Royal Film Company. The Hindi version was released in collaboration with producer A. M. Rathnam. The other language versions of the film were also successful. Saravanan Rajinikanth, a psychiatrist, visits India on vacation. He meets up with his foster brother Senthilnathan alias Senthil Prabhu, and his wife Ganga Jyothika. Senthils mother Kasthuri K. R. Vijaya wanted Senthil to marry Priya Malavika, the daughter of his fathers cousin Kandaswamy Nassar, to reunite the two branches of the family after 3. Senthils father Sivaji Ganesan chose to marry Kasthuri instead of Kandaswamys sister, Akhilandeshwari Sheela. Saravanan learns that Senthil had bought the Vettaiyapuram mansion, despite attempts by the local village elders to dissuade them, and moves in with them. Akhilandeshwari is jealous of Saravanan and plots to kill him with the help of her assistant Oomaiyan Sonu Sood. When the family visits their ancestral temple, the chief priest reveals the reason everyone fears the Vettaiyapuram mansion. A hundred and fifty years ago, a king named Vettaiyan travelled to Vijayanagaram in Andhra Pradesh, where he met and fell in love with a dancer named Chandramukhi. However, she did not reciprocate his feelings as she was already in love with a dancer named Gunashekaran. As a result, Vettaiyan took her back to his palace by force. Unknown to him, Chandramukhi made Gunashekaran stay in a house nearby and had meetings with him secretly. When Vettaiyan discovered this, he beheaded Gunashekaran on Durgashtami and burnt Chandramukhi alive. As a result, Chandramukhis ghost tried to take revenge on Vettaiyan, who with the help of various priests and sorcerers from all over the country, tames the ghost by locking it up in a room located in the palaces south west corner. Priya is in love with Vishwanathan Vineeth, a dance professor who reciprocates her feelings. Their love is supported by Saravanan, who requests Kandaswamy to arrange their marriage. After hearing Chandramukhis story, Ganga, who thinks that the story was fabricated to scare thieves from stealing treasures in the room, wishes to go there. She gets the room key from the gardeners granddaughter Durga Nayantara and opens the door to the room. Subsequently, strange things begin to happen in the household a ghost frightens the people in the house, things inexplicably break, and Gangas sari catches fire. Suspicion turns towards Durga. Senthil immediately calls Saravanan to solve the case. As soon as Saravanan returns, a mysterious being tries to kill Priya. Attempts to kill Senthil are made with poisoning his coffee and by pushing a fish tank on top of him. A mysterious voice sings during the night. Saravanan investigates these incidents. Ganga mysteriously disappears during Priya and Viswanathans wedding reception. Saravanan notices her absence and searches for her, but he is almost killed by Oomaiyanwho has been sent by Akhilandeshwari. Saravanan subdues Oomaiyan and with Senthils help finds Ganga, who is supposedly being sexually harassed by Viswanathan. Saravanan reveals to Senthil and Viswanathan that Ganga suffers from split personality disorder. Saravanan explains to them how she became affected by it and how she took up Chandramukhis identity. He tells them Ganga tried to kill Priya and Senthil, and framed Viswanathan for sexual harassment because from Chandramukhis view, Viswanathan is her lover Gunashekaran since he stays at the same place Gunashekaran did. By framing Vishwanathan, Chandramukhi wanted to stop the reception. The only way to stop Chandramukhi is to make her believe Vettaiyan is dead since Saravanan impersonated Vettaiyan and disrupted one of the pujas conducted by the exorcist Ramachandra Acharya Avinash by conversing with the ghost to know its wish. Akhilandeshwari overhears Saravanans idea of self sacrifice and apologises to him. Later, in the dance hall, the family and Ramachandra Acharya allow Chandramukhi to burn Saravanan alive. Ramachandra Acharya blows smoke and ash on Gangas face when she is given a torch to burn Saravanan. Senthil then opens a trapdoor to let Saravanan escape, and an effigy of Vettaiyan gets burnt instead. Convinced that Vettaiyan is dead, Chandramukhi leaves Gangas body, curing her. The two families are reunited after 3. Saravanan and Durga fall in love, and Swarna Suvarna Mathew and Murugesan Vadivelu become parents after eight years of marriage. Director P. Vasu, producer Ramkumar Ganesan and Raj Bahaddur make guest appearances in the song Devuda Devuda. ProductioneditFour weeks ago, Rajinikanth called me on a Sunday afternoon, and asked what I was doing. I told him I had had sic a lot of biryani and was spending time with my sons He laughed in his stylish way, and then asked if I was doing any new production. I told him we are thinking of doing a Hindi film with Rajkumar Santoshi in March. We are also doing a Telugu serial which my cousins are looking after. I was quite free at the time. Thats when he asked me, Shall we do a film, Ramu It came as a pleasant surprise. On a Sunday afternoon, after a heavy lunch, this suggestion from Rajnikanth was like superb dessertI said, I am very happy sir. He told me he had heard a subject, and we would make a film on that. Ramkumar Ganesan on how Chandramukhi developed, in October 2. DevelopmenteditChandramukhi was the 5. Sivaji Productions. During the success meet of Mannan 1. Rajinikanth announced that he would act in Sivaji Productions 5. In September 2. 00. Rajinikanth congratulated P. Vasu on the success of his Kannada film Apthamitra 2.