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Im having serious problems installing the Broadcom drivers for Ubuntu. It worked perfectly on my previous version, but now, it is impossible. What are the steps to. FreeCAD Arch development news October 2017. Hi there, Time for a new report on the development of Architecture and BIM tools for FreeCAD. Remember, you can help me. I have absolutely no experience with Linux, and I desperately need to get my computer back up and running again with Windows. How do I remove Ubuntu and reinstall. Blender 2.49 Ubuntu Download' title='Blender 2.49 Ubuntu Download' />Yoriks Guestblog. Free. CAD Arch development news June 2. Hi all,This is time for a new review of what has been going on in Arch development this month. Quite a lot actually, its exciting that several things Ive been working on during the last couple of months begin to flourish into pretty interesting and usable features. There is another interesting thing happening, is a very good synergy between the Wiki. Lab project Im working on now, which you must grow tired of hearing about, and Free. CAD developement. Free. CAD fuels the project development, which in turns fuels Free. CAD with bugfixes and new features. Me and other Free. CAD community members are really keen to pursue and extend that synergy further with other projects. As always, dont forget you can help me spending more time on Free. CAD, by sponsoring me via my Patreon campaign. As a side note, that campaign is really taking flight, sooner than I had expected, Im highly overdue to update the campaign page, and add some whistles and bells such as goals and rewards. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Standard Commercial Software. As a possible reward, I am thinking about doing some short videos, explaining in detail specific feature of the Arch workbench, and more generally, doing BIM with Free. News and feature lists of Linux and BSD distributions. In linux I use a shortcut to switch between 4 workspaces win1234. I would like to have something like this in Windows 10. UPDATE SOLUTION 2017, WINDOWS 10x64. Walgreens. com Americas online pharmacy serving your needs for prescriptions, health wellness products, health information and photo services. Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed answers to any. CAD. For example, one about walls, one about working with imported dwg files, things like that. These videos would be, in a first time, available to Patreon supporters only, as a kind of present to thank them, and then, after a couple of months, added on youtube for everybody. What do you think Good idea Lousy idea So enough of this, here is the real stuff Wiki. Lab. If you are following the progresses of our Wiki. Lab project, you might have seen that the crowdfunding campaign ended successfully, and we are now getting started. The wood panels have been ordered already, the final cutting sheets are being made, and the cutting should begin next week. This will take roughly two months, during which we will contract a constructor to build the foundation and base walls, and hopefully everything will be ready to build the Wiki. House based part, at the end of August, during the university holidays, and just before the rainy season. On the image above is a first rib weve been mounting this month, as a kind of proof of feasability, and to boost the crowdfunding campaign too. It went amazingly well, this element was built in about 2 hours by 5 people, it is very easy to understand and build, and the solidity is really impressive. Im also starting to write a manual in portuguese that willbe the actual construction document. No plans and sections in this project There are still several details to solve, some of them have been already discussed and solved on the Wiki. House community slack, which is a really cool way to solve these issues collaboratively, something weve been doing with Opening. Design for quite some time already Last month I also had an online conversation with Harry Knight from the Wiki. House Foundation, and wrote an article on Medium. Check it up We are also studying small changes and improvements to the design, such as holders for shelf supports, and ventilation holes at the top, that can be closed with 3. D printed custom lids. Draft Label. This is a new feature Ive been working on, inspired by Revits tag objects. In Revit, you have different types of tags, that you can attach to an existing object. That tag will then automatically display a certain information about the attached object. For example, material tags will show the material of the object, door tags will show the door number, etc. In Free. CAD I decided to go for a bit more generic approach There is a new generic Draft Label object, which is made of a piece of text and a two segment line, which can have an arrow at its end. The text can be made to display some property from the attached object. At the moment only a small list of properties are available, and can be selected from a drop down box, but the system is very extensible and you could have those Labels display just any kind of information that can be retrieved from the base object. As always, this is only the first, rough version, it works, but over time and use it will certainly refine ito something more solid and powerful. It should also gain additional feature so it can be used for all the Revit scenarios show component numbers, space tags, etc. All these should be displayable in a distinct manner in a rounded rectangular frame, in a circle, etc. Shuttleworth Foundation. The other big news of this month, is that Ive been elected for a Shuttleworth Foundation Flash Grant Thanks to Open. Source. Ecology fellows, who indicated me I still dont have fully formed plans for what to do with the money, but a couple of things I definitely want to do 1 Help founding the wikilab project above that is done already, 2 Turn the Free. CAD manual into a printed book. Most of the work is done already, it still needs a professional editor review, then it can be printed and sold, which nowadays is very easy thanks to sites like lulu. And 3 extend what Im doing with the money from my Patreon campaign, spend more time coding for Free. CAD. I would be able to work half time on Free. CAD for a coupe of months, Im trying to see how to set that up now. As a point 4, I might have morebetter ideas later on, still thinking about it. GSOC Rebar. This year, Free. CAD has received four student projects for the Google Summer of Code. For who doesnt know, it is a program by Google to sponsor students to work on open source projects during the northern hemisphere summer months. We are now approximately at the middle of the coding period, and our 4 students are doing great I am myself mentoring one of these projects, together with Bernd, which is Amritpal Singhs proposal to extend the Reinforcement bar tools in Free. CADs Arch module. So far so very good, Amritpal is surprising us with the quality of his code, which you can already test if using a development version of Free. CAD Just install the Reinforcement addon via the addons manager, and on next run, the Arch workbench will detect it and add its tools under its current Rebar tool. The objective of Amritpals work is to extend the User Interface around the Rebar tool, to add it a series of tailored dialogs to create specific types of reinforcement bars, such as straight bars, U shaped bars, stirrups, etc. All this UI work integrates with the current Rebar object, which is kept as the overall, can do everything Rebar object. The different dialogs help the user to create and edit these rebars in a more friendly way, but doesnt remove anything of the power of the base rebar object, which is simply made of a profile, an extrusion path, and a series of placements, and can therefore represent any kind of rebar we can think of. Everybody wins with this approach The normal user, who just wants a clear and easy way to add reinforcement bars, and the power user, for who these dialogs are not enough and who wants to tweak or script these rebars in any way possible. Nester. Here is the best part, in my opinion. Im working its not finished yet, but working already on an algorithm to perform bin packing in Free. CAD. It is an operation that consists in placingpacking different shapes inside a container the bin, so it uses as little space as possible. The immediate output, obviously, is toproduce cut sheets for Wiki. How do I install a previous version of Chrome Personally, I prefer to download portable versions when dealing with older versions of software. Luckily, Google Chrome is one of those. Source. Forge seems to keep a long history of Portable. Apps, so I recommend them for getting old versions of Chrome https sourceforge. Google2. 0Chrome2. PortableI need to do some testing between Chrome 6. I am going to install Chrome 5.